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Unser SPA Team

Tom - massage therapist (Heilmasseur)
Ben - masseur therapist (Heilmasseur)
Elisabeth - Medical massage therapist
Veronika - Medical massage therapist

Why book your massage in our Kuschelhotel, and not somewhere else ...

Our massage team consists only of professionals. To become a part of our team, our masseurs have a minimum standard of their training applies - this is the "Medical masseur". Unlike commercial masseurs are allowed to practice independently after about 100 lessons, our medical massage therapists must complete a very comprehensive and intensive training in massage therapy with at least 1950 lessons. This includes, inter alia, various massage techniques for therapeutic purposes, such as: Classical medical massage, lymph drainage and complex decongestive, reflexology, deep tissue massage, segment therapy, acupuncture and anatomy and many other points with a final commissional state examination. Much of the training is focused on the therapeutic activity or the treatment of the sick. In addition, in-house training courses are held regularly in order to enable our team in a variety of spa massages can. Medical massage therapists usually work with doctors or physiotherapists, masseurs and spa and in hospitals. Or even in our Kuschelhotel!

Tom & Ben - "Heilmasseure"

The training as a "Heilmasseur" is again particularly extensive and includes in additional 800 lessons general and special anatomy, physiology and pathology, application of all massage techniques for healing purposes in the clinical subjects, trigger point therapy, treatment of myofascial, deep tissue massage after Dr. Marnit, Introduction functional joint stabilization by taping, Anatomy in vivo - manual diagnosis, and more!

Massage treatments that work!

We are particularly pleased and proud that we can offer you as our guests in Kuschelhotel a truly high-quality massage team, which will help you to release tension and to enjoy everyday life more again.
Over the years, our team has also trained personally and can offer additional interesting applications. For example: Kinesiology, Shiatsu, Tuina, Nuad, sound therapist, human engineering and many more!

We hope we were able to give you a little insight about our well-trained massage therapists where you are in good hands and can sink relaxed.


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