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Soothing massages on your wellness holiday

Treat yourself to a relaxing massage and leave your everyday worries behind!

Massage therapy is one of the world's oldest preventive treatments. Massage techniques were first recorded more than 4000 years ago by Huáng Di in China as well as in Ayurvedic teachings. Over the course of centuries, comprehensive massage instruction and a wide variety of techniques have developed to highlight prevention as well as overall wellbeing.

Let one of our highly trained massage therapists pamper you and treat you to a massage catered to your personal needs at our Himmel.Reich.SPA. We will be happy to schedule an appointment in consultation with our massage specialists. Let us make you a non-binding offer for your massage appointment at the romantic Hotel Seewirt in Mattsee.

Classic massage: total & partial body

The classic! Special massage techniques release tension to loosen muscles and stimulate the metabolism.

50 minutes - € 63,00

25 minutes - € 36,00

Foot reflexology massage

Massage therapy which releases blockages and relieves irritation and troubles in the entire body. Specific points are targeted to activate the body's self-healing powers.

25 minutes - € 36,00

Lymphatic drainage

A form of massage therapy with a wide range of positive effects. This gentle massage technique strengthens the body's own immune system which activates detoxification and accelerates the healing process.

50 minutes - € 81,00

25 minutes - € 45,00

Energy massage

A relaxing back massage with warm herbal oils individually catered to your needs. The active ingredients in the herbs and essential oils are especially relaxing for the body and soul!

50 minutes - € 81,00

25 minutes - € 45,00

Hot stone massage

A massage technique with warm stones from numerous different countries. Has relaxing effects on the muscles and vegetative nervous system.

70minutes - € 99,00

Dorn Breuss Massage

Dorn Breuss massages are a special therapy for spinal column problems. They are especially effective at relieving pain related to spinal issues.

40 minutes - € 63,00

Ayurveda massage: Abhyanga

Ayurveda teachings originated in India and are based on more than 4000 years of wisdom. This very gentle massage technique with Ayurvedic herbal oils brings harmony to the body, mind and soul.

50 minutes - € 81,00

Ayurveda massage: Garshan

Massage with silk gloves. Has stimulating as well as regenerative effects and is highly recommended for people with dry skin.

50 minutes - € 81,00

Herbal stamp massage

Pantai Herbal treatments activate and stimulate acupuncture points and meridians. Through this massage, your entire body can deeply relax and afterwards your face will glow!

50 minutes - € 81,00

25 minutes - € 45,00

Hot chocolate massage

Relax during a soothing massage including chocolate exfoliation and chocolate body wrap and enjoy a happier and more relaxed day afterwards!

50 minutes - € 81,00

Facial massage

During a facial massage, the lymph nodes in the neck, face and head are treated. Decongests and tones the face and neck.

25 minutes - € 36,00

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