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Fabulous Salzburg’s Lake District

A magnificent natural backdrop for your lovers’ holiday

The hotel for the cuddly at Lake Mattsee is the No 1 address for your lovers’ holiday in Salzburg. Not surprising as it is situated in the magical Lake District, a stretch of land Mother Nature seemed to have created with particular care.

Lovers’ Holiday in Salzburg’s Lake District

Twelve idyllic villages are sheltered between the smooth, rolling hills and the four lakes. The wooded slopes, meadows and lawns beckon you to go on hikes and walks. Every season holds its particular charm for your lovers’ holiday here in Mattsee.

The natural park Buchberg, a 801-metres-high place near Mattsee with a panoramic view is a popular destination for day trips. Seven lakes lie at the BuchbergMountain's foot, on a clear day you can see 120 mountain tops all the way to Dachstein. Archaic and mystic is the Teufelsgraben, the Devil's Gorge, in Seeham. Through a rough and romantic gorge you walk along an adventure trail to the Wildkar waterfall, to the reconstructed historical mills Kugelmühle and Rohrmoosmühle.

Romantic Salzburg

A special place of power in Salzburg's Lake District is the Tiefsteinklamm, a gorge easily reached from Schleedorf. The brook has cut deeply into the rock and an impressive waterfall gushes down into the valley, many myths and legends tell about these very rocks.

Between Lake Mattsee and Lake Grabensee is the Moorwald forest – a silent, peaceful place where Nature rests her head and invites everyone to pause with Her. Summer at Lake Grabensee offers many opportunities to discover tucked-away beaches, some reachable only from the water, and spend many an intimate hour together. After such a sensual trip you can enjoy appetisers at the Bar "kost.Bar" before you go to a candle-light dinner.

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