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A landscape to fall in love with

Three idyllic lakes, rolling hills, and especially romantic spots...

To put it simply, the region around Lake Mattsee is just beautiful and especially endearing!

Mattsee is considered an insider's tip not only because of its beautiful landscape, but also because of the lakes and its proximity to Salzburg. The nearby, yet much more popular, Salzkammergut region sees plenty of tourists every day and thankfully spares the Salzburg lake district from hoards of tourists.

At the romantic Hotel Seewirt at Lake Mattsee in the Salzburg lake district, you can peacefully enjoy the beauty of nature on your couple's getaway. The gently rolling hills are perfect for leisurely walks, hikes and bike rides. Don't miss the chance to take a beautiful boat trip on Lake Mattsee and feel the peace and quiet of your surroundings!


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