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Mattsee – a name for a place and its lake

A blue jewel amidst the green hills of Salzburg’s lake district.

Is there anything superior to enjoying the countryside alone together? Treat yourself to a romantic holiday for two. Lake Mattsee is fascinating at all times and seasons – grey, blue, calm or wind-ridden, glittering with drops of sunlight, mysterious and up to 40 metres deep.

From the SPA ‘Himmel.Reich’, the romantic, sensual rooms, from the Restaurant ‘lust.reich’, or the Lounge ‘kuschel.lounge’ of the cuddle-and-enjoy hotel seewirt.mattsee you experience the lake in all its wonderful colours – a feast for your senses awaits you. Ask our team at the reception about hikes, trip and other activities in Salzburg’s Lake District.

Lovers’ Holiday at Lake Mattsee

The village of Mattsee at Lake Mattsee, also called Niedertrumer See, has been populated ever since the Neolithic as archaeological finds on the Schloßberg prove. Illyrians, Romans and Celts settled here – in 770 the monastery Mattsee was founded by Bavarian Earl Tassilo and it is still in existence today. The village itself was the focal point of four warring powers for many a century: Bavaria, the diocese of Passau, the archbishopric of Salzburg and Austria all had their go at defending their borders and attacking as well as destroying Mattsee. 1816 Mattsee, with Salzburg, was joined together with Austria.

Romance is in the air

When the Romantics of the 19th century discovered the magic of Salzburg’s city as well as countryside, the public interest in holidaying in Salzburg rapidly increased. At the end of the 19th century the first baths opened at the lake, and the current lido opened way back in 1928. The village of Mattsee quickly became a favourite holiday destination.

One of Salzburg’s most romantic places to get married is the Mattsee Palace, situated right next to our Hotel Seewirt for the cuddly and the connoisseurs. The palace’s history takes us back as far as 1100 when the bishops of Passau commissioned a castle to be built at the shores of Lake Mattsee

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